Tom Jackson on the Cowboys

It looks like the Dallas Cowboys will hang on for a win at home over the Detroit Lions. I'm currently preparing for Eagles-Giants Sunday night at the Linc, but I wanted to point to something ESPN's Tom Jackson said about the Cowboys on "Sunday NFL Countdown" this morning. The topic was the impact that Jason Garrett has had on the Cowboys since becoming interim head coach.

"That attention to detail that he forced upon them, accountability, I think showed up in the form of their play last week," said Jackson. "If you back off of them at all, I think you get the same team you got the first eight weeks of the season."

I think it's a pretty accurate comment from Jackson, and it speaks to how little faith folks have in the Cowboys' players to motivate themselves. We're starting to see glimpses of the team a lot of folks predicted to do big things in the postseason. But without Garrett staying on top of them at all times, I think Jackson's correct in saying the Cowboys would revert to their old ways.

And by the way, when did Jon Kitna turn into Michael Vick? Unless something's wrong with my computer, Kitna just raced for a 29-yard touchdown.