More details emerge in the Pacman incident

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

As most of you know, the Cowboys have completed their internal investigation of the Adam "Pacman" Jones incident from late Tuesday evening. Even though owner Jerry Jones has claimed several times that the cornerback has used up his "benefit of the doubt collateral," the Cowboys decided not to take any disciplinary action.

Jones called Pacman's behavior an "aberration," which is an interesting word choice to describe a man who has required police intervention 13 times since entering the NFL. In one of the most bizarre (but wonderful) news conferences in club history, Jerry Jones provided intimate details of the "little umbrella-type thing" that was broken in the men's bathroom at the trendy Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas. Jones said Pacman and his bodyguard, Tommy Jones, were just "jiving" and having fun before things got serious.

"It crossed over to more than that," he said. "And it ended quickly."

Now, my former colleague Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News has had a chance to talk to some folks who said they witnessed the incident. James Shepherd, who owns several record stores, had been invited to the private party by Ludacris' record label. He said he walked in the men's bathroom Tuesday evening and saw Pacman and his girlfriend having some type of argument.

"As soon as I opened the door, I saw him arguing with a female," said Shepherd, a Grand Prairie resident. "One of the people from the hotel grabbed me from the back and pulled me away. He was yelling at her and he had his finger all in her face."

A source close to Pacman denied that the argument took place. On Wednesday in the Cowboys locker room, defensive tackle Tank Johnson would neither confirm nor deny whether he also attended the event. I've since found out that Johnson and safety Roy Williams were both attending the event. Johnson would only say that the story had been "blown out of proportion."

Jerry Jones spent a great deal of time Wednesday trying to establish that the incident occurred at about 11 p.m. Tuesday, and not 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, as had been reported. Honestly, why does it matter? The fact that the altercation took place a couple hours earlier doesn't make Pacman look that much better.

Would the Cowboys have handled the internal investigation the exact same way if starting cornerback Terence Newman was healthy for Sunday's game? I'll let you guys decide that.

Jean-Jacques Taylor doesn't think anyone should feel sorry for Pacman if he's suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Like a lot of people, Jacques thought people like Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin would be able to point Pacman in the right direction. Perhaps even living 40 miles away from the city would help. But it obviously hasn't.