Redskins have a new senior VP

Most of you know that longtime Redskins senior vice president Karl Swanson will no longer serve in that capacity. Quite honestly, I never understood what Swanson did anyway, but I'm told he did it well.

I do happen to know the guy who's replacing Swanson as one of Dan Snyder's top assistants. His name is Tony Wyllie and he's regarded as one of the top public relations specialists in the league. He has spent the past 10 years with the Houston Texans, who were the most accessible team in the league, and that was because of Wyllie's guidance.

Swanson was one of those guys who remained in the shadows of the organization, but that's not Wyllie's style at all. He's one of the personable guys in the league and he wouldn't be comfortable operating behind the scenes.

The Redskins already have an excellent P.R. staff led by Zack Bolno and his top assistant, Michael Pehanich. Hopefully they'll continue working hand-in-hand with players and reporters. But the arrival of Wyllie is pretty interesting. I'll try to visit with him soon and let you know what he'll be doing for the Skins.

I think general manager Bruce Allen wants the organization to be a lot more transparent (fan friendly) than in past years. And I'm sure Wyllie will help him execute that plan.