Total QBR: Eli Manning moving up

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning ranks eighth in the NFL in Total QBR through nearly four weeks of the season with a mark of 68.9 on a 1-100 scale. Manning posted a 79.0 rating in Sunday's comeback victory in Arizona, which was the eighth-best figure any quarterback posted Sunday. The stat takes into account the time of game at which big plays are made by a quarterback and the difficulty of making them. As Manning led the Giants to victory when they were trailing in the fourth quarter, he racked up several of the kinds of plays that score big in this new system.

For the season, if you click on that first link up there, you'll see that Manning ranks second among NFC East quarterback so far this year, right behind the Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo, whose overall number is 72.8 but has been among the most up-and-down of the quarterbacks on the list. Romo's Total QBR on Sunday, when he threw three second-half interceptions and helped the Cowboys blow a 24-point lead to the Detroit Lions, was 55.0. His Total QBR in Week 1, when his fourth-quarter mistakes cost the Cowboys a game against the Jets, was 62.9. But in Weeks 2 and 3, when he led the Cowboys to fourth-quarter comebacks, his marks were 94.6 and 60.7.

The way Romo's Total QBR declined throughout the second half Sunday illustrates the impact his mistakes had on his rating. After he threw the touchdown pass to extend Dallas' lead to 27-3 in the third quarter, Romo's Total QBR for the day stood at 97.0. It dropped to 94.0 after his first interception was returned for a touchdown, 86.1 after the second, 77.3 after a three-and-out midway through the fourth quarter and to 54.6 after the interception he threw with the Cowboys up 30-27.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had a Total QBR of 89.6 for the game Sunday, the fourth-best mark in the league so far this week and the second-best of his Eagles career, behind only last year's Monday Night Football dismantling of the Redskins. Total QBR does not punish Vick for four drives that ended without points due to other people's mistakes -- Ronnie Brown's inexplicable goal-line fumble, Alex Henery's two missed field goals and Jeremy Maclin's late fumble that sealed the game for San Francisco. Vick ranks 11th in the league so far this year with a Total QBR of 62.0.

Finally, Washington Redskins' quarterback Rex Grossman posted a very poor Total QBR of 36.6 for the week as the Redskins leaned on the run game to beat the Rams. His wasn't even close to the lowest mark by a winning quarterback Sunday, as San Francisco's Alex Smith, Cincinnati's Andy Dalton, Baltimore's Joe Flacco and Chicago's Jay Cutler posted lower Total QBR scores in victory. But the figure serves to show that the Redskins won Sunday's game without a lot of help from their quarterback, whose 46.9 Total QBR for the season ranks him 18th in the league. My guess is that Grossman prefers to be judged on his 3-1 record so far.