Breakfast links: That pesky Cruz contract

Free agency lulling you to sleep here in the NFC East? Hey, it's only 31 days until the draft. We can get through this together, people. I promise. We have links.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are bringing in two free agents -- safety Will Allen and linebacker Justin Durant -- for visits today. Of course, if you read the first sentence of Calvin Watkins' story here you'll see they can only offer them unpaid internships. But hey, the way this market's going, maybe they'll take 'em.

Jason Garrett disagrees with the idea that the Cowboys have made no progress since he's been their head coach. He understands that consecutive 8-8 seasons fail to prove his case, but from his perspective the roster is in better shape now than it was two years ago, as David Moore explains.

New York Giants

It appears as though Osi Umenyiora will sign with the Atlanta Falcons, ending his 10-year run with the Giants. He won two Super Bowls in New York and now says he'd really enjoy winning one for his hometown team.

Gary Myers reports that the Giants have offered wide receiver Victor Cruz more than $7 million per year, which is no surprise considering co-owner Steve Tisch's prediction that he'd get more than the $6 million a year Wes Welker got from the Broncos. The issue with Cruz and the Giants appears to be one of philosophical differences. They're willing to make him the league's highest-paid slot receiver based on the idea that he is that. He wants top wide receiver money based on the numbers he's put up the past two seasons. If the benchmark is Marques Colston's five-year, $36.3 million deal (with more than $17 million in guarantees) with the Saints, then it sounds as though the Giants are a notch below that. And if you're Cruz's agent, your point is that he's outperformed Colston the past two years. Who blinks first?

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles' website takes a look at some of the defensive prospects potentially available to the Eagles in this year's draft, including popular mock draft pick Dee Milliner.

They also may not be done addressing defensive needs in free agency, as reports have them interested in in Chargers defensive lineman Vaughn Martin. Sounds like another versatile guy who could play in a variety of schemes and even move positions a bit if the Eagles' defense is going to be one that relies on varying looks.

Washington Redskins

Fred Davis had a meal with Buffalo Bills officials over the weekend, which I guess is interesting. I'm sure the Bills would like to have him, and that Davis and his agents are very happy the Redskins know another team is interested. I just question the idea of a pass-catching tight end who's coming off a major injury and needs to put up numbers this year in order to really cash in down the road signing with a team that currently has no quarterback whatsoever. But hey, I guess weirder things have happened.

And as for the Redskins' quarterback, I'm sure you saw the comments from Dr. James Andrews over the weekend about how "superhuman" Robert Griffin III and his recovery are. We've been over this a million times, and I just don't understand the way Andrews acts when it comes to Griffin. At this point, what in the world is the point of the team physician setting expectations high? We're more than five months away from regular-season games, and the kid had major reconstructive knee surgery in January. There's absolutely nothing wrong with saying, "Things are going well, but it's too soon to speculate about when he might be ready. The only thing that matters is his long-term health, and we won't rush him back." Those would be the words of an organization that has learned its lesson.