Cowboys hand Irvin a reality check

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Just when you thought reality TV was starting to fade, Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has come up with a fresh angle. Irvin is preparing to launch a show on Spike that will follow 12 "football neophytes" as they compete for a spot on the 2009 Dallas Cowboys' training camp roster.

"I don't know if you can walk upon any group of guys that wouldn't say they dreamed of playing in the NFL when they were playing in their front yard," Irvin told The Associated Press. "So we're going to take a group of guys from their front yard, dwindle them to one and give that guy the opportunity of a lifetime."

Irvin's timing on this is impeccable. Just last night, I was telling my wife that the one thing the Cowboys organization desperately needs is a reality TV show. The other 31 teams in the league released a collective statement upon hearing about Irvin's new show:


Irvin expects his friends Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders and Jerry Jones to make guest appearances on the show. Jones' "eye for talent" should provide plenty of comic relief along the way. At this very minute, contestants are being screened for certain attributes that would make them a good fit for the locker room, such as jealousy, paranoia and a strong sense of entitlement.

Irvin, who will host the show, is seeking people with a football background and he wants them to be the correct size, age and condition to make it through training camp.

Honestly, this is exactly the type of thing Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells would've loved. I'm sure they would fully embrace exchanging an actual roster spot for someone from central casting. Geez, if we'd thought of this earlier, it wouldn't have taken so long to make the movie "Invincible."

Irvin said the show will feature six receivers and six defensive backs. No word on who will throw to these players, although Jones has recommended Jason Garrett. In many ways, this seems like a can't-miss project -- especially if I knew where to find Spike on DirecTV.

"What young man do you know that's not going to read [about this show], then head straight to the gym and say, 'I'm going to get ready'?" Irvin asked.

Michael, I hate to admit that the article didn't speak to me quite like that. But it's something to consider.

In other news, the club released its new marketing slogan earlier today:

The 2009 Dallas Cowboys: We're holding a roster spot for you.