Chat wrap: Rob Ryan to the rescue?

Today's chat was pushed back three hours due to an error by someone whose name may or may not rhyme with 'Shman Shmaziano," but it still packed a full dose of awesome. Some highlights, for those poor souls who weren't able to make it:

Pumpkinhead from Denver: How much of an impact can a coordinator change like Rob Ryan in Dallas have upon a team? Let's assume the personnel doesn't change that much.

Dan Graziano: Not much, if personnel doesn't change. But if the personnel was underachieving for the previous guy, it can appear as though the new guy is having a great effect. The example is the Giants in the first half of the 2010 season.

Mr. W from Dallas: The Eagles' pick of Danny watkins did one thing for me...made me feel confident that the Eagles were seriously targeting Nnamdi, but I wasn't thrilled with the pick. What are your thoughts?

DG: I didn't love it. Drafting a 27-year-old when everybody else is picking 22-year-olds seems, obviously, to cost you five years. Drafting a guard in the first round...meh. But I can't count the number of things Andy Reid's done over the past year or so that I disagreed with, and they usually seem to work out for him.

Brendan from the Jersey Shore: Hey Dan! Was wondering if you think the 'Skins should sign Cullen Jenkins. And if they do, what will that 3 man front look like with him, Adam Carriker, and 2nd round pick Jarvis Jenkins?

DG: I still think they need to target a big NT, develop Jenkins at one of the DE spots and move him inside once they think he's ready. Green Bay took a year before moving Raji inside, and Jenkins is no Raji. (Ed. note: The Jenkins referred to in my answer is Jarvis, not Cullen.)

Chris from Texas: Nicks or Dez in 3 years?

DG: Excellent question. Dez is the more explosive, higher-upside guy. But I worry about the knucklehead factor a bit. I think Nicks is the safer bet, and wouldn't be surprised if they both turn out to be All-Pro caliber guys.

Weech from Santa Barbara, Calif: Dan, if the Rookie Salary cap is instituted, do you think teams return to coveting the top overall picks like they used to? I think that in olden times, a single RB, QB, or WR could transform an entire franchise. With teams continuing to find diamonds in the rough, it's been more of a curse rather than a blessing to have the top spot.

DG: I think the biggest change would be in QB value at the top. I don't think you'd see teams forcing a QB into that No. 1 spot the way, say, Carolina did this year. If they rein in bonus money for the top guys, then you might see more teams go "best player available" there. Also might become easier to trade those very high picks.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Literally could not do it without you. I'm serious. It'd be a pain to make up all of those questions. I promise to be on time next week.