Chat wrap: Plaxico worth a shot?

If you weren't around for our NFC East chat today...well, where were you?

Don't worry. I've got you covered with some highlights:

Kevin from New Jersey: What kind of shape do you think Plaxico will be when he gets out of the clink? At his age he is not going to be given a lot of time to get back into it. Will he be worth a gamble?

Dan Graziano: Word is, his weight is down but his conditioning is top-notch. (I always assume that happens in prison -- what else do they have to do but work out?) I think he'll be worth a gamble for a team (Philly?) that has good WRs and can use him as a situational guy rather than a No. 1, 10-catch-per-game WR.

Tim from New Haven, CT: Dan, do you think the Giants will be active in getting a linebacker when free agency begins, or do you believe they will stick with Goff as the starting linebacker?

Dan Graziano: Tim, they've been so stubborn about linebacker the past couple of years, basically treating it as a non-need when it's clearly a spot where they're vulnerable and getting hurt. I believe they SHOULD be aggressive in looking for a linebacker, but everything they do seems so focused on pass rush and secondary that it wouldn't surprise me to see them ignore LB again and go with what they have.

Todd from Charleston, SC: Hey, do you get the feeling the Redskins are trying to tank this year for Andrew Luck? I've been seeing or reading this all over the web.

Dan Graziano: I sincerely doubt that, and I still think the 2011 QB story for them has yet to be written. But next year's draft class is QB-rich at the top, and if you were, hypothetically, a team that didn't think your long-term answer was on the current market, it might be tempting to do the stopgap thing this year knowing that the long-term answer might only be a year away.

Mark from Baltimore: Who do you think will be the better player in 5 years, Brandon Graham or JPP?

Dan Graziano: Love this question. I'm going with Jason Pierre-Paul because he's healthier now and Graham's development might be delayed by injury. But it's a GREAT question and debate. Good job, Mark. Keep em coming.

Todd from PA (via mobile): Who do you think is the starting RB in Dallas next year? I know the money is on Felix Jones but something tells me that Murray kid could steal the show.

Dan Graziano: I think the Cowboys are at their best when they rotate backs and let the situation dictate who should get the ball. It's on the coaching staff to sell to these guys that it doesn't matter who's the "starter," that they all have different roles and jobs and all will play when they should. And then it's on the coaching staff to rotate them correctly.

Mr. W from Dallas: I keep hearing of the possibilty of Haynesworth to the Eagles...any seriousness to this?

Dan Graziano: The Eagles always surprise. But their new D-line coach is Jim Washburn, who was Albert's D-line coach in Tennessee. So, we will speculate. I think he'd be an awesome addition for them. So much so that, if I were the Redskins, I'd make sure it didn't happen.

Thanks to all who participated. Each of you is tied for first in my top ten readers poll. We'll do this again next week.