Locker Room Buzz: Washington Redskins

LANDOVER, Md. -- Observed inside the Washington Redskins' locker room after their 33-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles:

Still ailing: Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was still being evaluated for his concussion after the game. No word yet on how bad it was; we can’t talk to him because he had concussion symptoms. And it was hard to tell how he was doing based on how he looked. He was talking to one of the team doctors afterward.

Tough go: The Eagles managed 443 yards of offense and ran 77 plays. They averaged 5.8 yards per play, a hefty amount. "When you're wrong, you're wrong. That offense is going to be a force to be reckoned with in this league," corner DeAngelo Hall said. But, linebacker London Fletcher said, “They didn’t run any plays we haven’t seen. The passing game was everything we’ve seen them run. They may have had one or two or three concepts we haven’t seen before, but that happens every game.”

Offense surprised: Receiver Pierre Garcon, who left the game with cramps, was fine afterward and spoke as long as any player in the locker room. He was one of the first to talk; he was also the last one to talk. “We didn’t know what they were going to do on defense,” Garcon said. “They surprised us. They had a lot of looks we weren’t expecting, and we didn’t get a hang of it until the second half. “

Mood: I’ve seen the Redskins react much worse to a loss. It was not a completely silent room by any means; there was disappointment and some befuddlement because of how the game transpired. But they had the feel of a team that had been in this spot before and wasn't going to overreact to one defeat. “This is a 16-round boxing match and Round 1’s over, so we’ll go a round next week,” center Will Montgomery said.