Packers fan's obituary reaches Brett Favre; former QB responds with tweet

It didn’t take long for word of Bill Snyder’s death to reach Brett Favre.

Thanks to an advertisement that Snyder’s sons took out in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the legendary former Green Bay Packers quarterback was able to grant their wish.

Snyder, a Milwaukee native, died on Feb. 7, on his 65th birthday.

“Our goal with all this [is] sharing our dad's story and his passions,” Steve Snyder told ESPN.com. “But more specifically, my goal [is] I'd love Brett Favre to see the remembrance and to know my dad's name. I've never seen my father happier than Super Bowl XXXI and Favre returning the franchise to prominence. Favre was my dad's hero, and if there was any way this could get to Favre, and for him to know that my dad idolized him, that would mean everything to us.”

Favre saw the ad that also served as Snyder’s obituary and tweeted his condolences.

The ad, which was written by Snyder’s sons Jeff and Steve, thanked Favre for “giving Dad the single happiest moment of his life: 1997 Super Bowl, 54-yard pass to Andre Rison, touchdown.”

“Our dad vaulted from his chair, fell to his knees, screamed to the heavens. In an instant, 30 years of belief were paid back in full.”

The Snyders also thanked current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who sent along a message of his own.

The family also started a website -- GreatestPackersFan.com -- where people can submit memories of other Packers fans.