Adding a mullet to 'Madden'

As you look for ways to pass the time as the weekend approaches, don’t rule out this option.

In case you hadn’t heard, Minnesota defensive Jared Allen is one of three finalists for the cover of “Madden NFL 11.” (That’s right. Video games. We are officially into offseason mode!)

The other candidates are New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and Indianapolis receiver Reggie Wayne. Let’s just say Allen isn’t beyond campaigning for the job. He told ESPN.com’s Jon Robinson that he is already making plans for his cover photo.

“If I make the cover,” he said, “I'm going to straighten my mullet and make it as trashy as possible. You have to highlight the tools that got you there."

The winner will be determined this year via fan vote. Oh yes: Your vote counts. For his part, Allen said he is expecting support from mullet-heads around the world.

"Everyone at some point in their lives has either had a mullet or known somebody with a mullet," he said. "I cover all spectrums, and I'm not afraid to call in a few favors.”

Voting ends March 15.

Have an outstanding weekend.