Hester makes three good tacklers miss

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota couldn't have been in better position to defend the first touchdown of Sunday night's matchup with Chicago, and Bears receiver Devin Hester still turned the play into a 65-yard score.

Hester was matched against the Vikings' top cornerback, Antoine Winfield, in what appeared to be man-to-man defense. Safety Darren Sharper was bracketing the play and linebacker Chad Greenway -- Minnesota's leading tackler -- was chasing it.

But after gathering a 10-yard slant pass, Hester broke Winfield's tackle. Greenway arrived late, jumping over Winfield as Hester sped by. Hester then put a quick move on Sharper before it was off to the races.

That's the kind of open-field running ability that the Bears hoped Hester would add to their offense this year.