It's getting hot in here

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
MINNEAPOLIS -- Some observations from the Metrodome:

  • There was a near-riot here as Minnesota quarterback Gus Frerotte regained his senses after a hard -- and late -- hit from Chicago defensive end Adewale Ogunleye. Stadium operators have shown the hit about a half-dozen times on the replay screen. I have no idea why Ogunleye wasn't penalized. I can only assume the hit came so late that officials weren't even watching the pocket anymore. Frerotte is expected to remain in the game.

  • Chicago doesn't seem surprised by anything Minnesota is doing with tailback Adrian Peterson. Safety Mike Brown is blitzing frequently and disrupting the backfield. But Peterson has put forth two tremendous personal efforts for his longest pair of runs, a 10-yarder that he broke six tackles on and a 59-yarder in which Peterson broke away from three tacklers.

  • It's not often that you see a team go after Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield the way Chicago is tonight, apparently in its effort to get Devin Hester involved early in the offense. By my unofficial count, the Bears have thrown to Hester with Winfield in coverage three times already. One went for a 65-yard touchdown.