Quick take on the Williams Wall ruling

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Here are five important things to know after Friday's news that a Minnesota judge has prevented the NFL from suspending Minnesota defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, along with three members of the New Orleans Saints:

1. Minnesota will have its Williams Wall for Sunday's game at Detroit.

2. U.S. District Court judge Paul Magnuson did two things on Friday: He granted the Saints players a temporary restraining order (TRO) against serving their suspensions and upheld the TRO granted Wednesday to Pat Williams and Kevin Williams in Hennepin Country District Court.

3. Magnuson did not rule on the merits of the suspensions themselves. He said Friday he needed more time to review the information and legal briefings. You can assume that examination will continue into next week. A hearing could be called for more testimony, or Magnuson could simply release his decision as to whether the suspensions are legal.

4. As of Friday afternoon, there was no indication how long Magnuson would need before taking the next step.

5. If Magnuson ultimately upholds the suspensions, players would serve their teams' next four games -- whether they come in the regular season or the playoffs.