Black and Blue all over: Trial continues

As the free-agent market rolls on, we have a pretty important legal proceeding taking place in Minnesota. The Williams Wall trial is continuing in Hennepin County District Court. Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams testified Tuesday and will be cross-examined Wednesday, followed by Pat Williams. Vikings coach Brad Childress is also expected to testify later this week that he was not the source of the media leak that led to the players' four-game suspensions going public.

My sense has been you are primarily interested in whether the players will be suspended, but not as much with the minutia of the case. So I've done my best to let you know we're still a long way from knowing the players' fates. Whoever loses this trial is almost certain to appeal.

If you are interested in the legal side -- and it's a big deal that could impact the drug-testing policies of every professional sports league in the country -- I will continue to point you in the direction of Brian Murphy's daily coverage in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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