Is McCoy still No. 2 if Suh is No. 1?

Let's catch you up with Gerald McCoy's performance -- or non-performance, as the case may be -- Tuesday at Oklahoma's pro day.


McCoyAccording to ESPN.com's David Ubben, McCoy weighed in at 298 pounds but didn't participate in many drills. That includes the bench press, a particular source of disappointment during his performance at the scouting combine last month.

McCoy plans to give the bench press another go at an unofficial second pro day on March 25, where Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford is scheduled to throw for NFL coaches and scouts.

If it wasn't apparent before, it should be now: Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh appears to have moved ahead of McCoy in terms of offseason competition. If Detroit has the choice between Suh and McCoy at No. 2 overall next month, it's hard to imagine them not taking Suh.

But if St. Louis takes Suh at No. 1 overall, the Lions might have a tough decision: McCoy or Tennessee safety Eric Berry. Generally, No. 2 is high for a safety. What do you think?