Clarifying Minnesota's UFA allotment

Jake, Aaron and others notified the mailbag soon after Tuesday's SportsNation chat, and it's important to note both were correct: Kickoff specialist Rhys Lloyd was not classified as an "unrestricted" free agent when Minnesota signed him Monday, meaning that as of today, the Vikings have two slots to sign a free agent who does fall under that category under the NFL's Final Eight rule.

Lloyd, in fact, was a restricted free agent that Carolina chose not to offer a tender. That made him available to sign with any team but left him out of the "unrestricted" classification. The Vikings can sign two unrestricted free agents with contracts comparable to the ones signed by running back Chester Taylor (Chicago) and offensive lineman Artis Hicks (Washington).

I misstated his status during our chat. As always, thanks to those of you who straightened me out.