Childress: Tomlinson would be '1A'

Speaking Friday morning on KFAN Radio, Minnesota coach Brad Childress said LaDainian Tomlinson's decision to visit the New York Jets isn't "necessarily" a sign he won't ultimately join the Vikings. If Tomlinson does sign, Childress said he would be "1A" to Adrian Peterson's "1" in the Vikings' backfield.

Partial transcripts of the interview can be found on the Vikings' Web site and also that of the Star Tribune.

Asked about Tomlinson's departure Thursday from Minnesota, Childress said:

"I think that a lot of times when you only have one person involved the agents don't like that game and a lot of times they take them and -- what shall I say? -- create the atmosphere that there's [interest] somewhere else. And there may be, in fact, [interest] somewhere else. But something to drive the deal. He gave [the Jets his word he would visit] and he is a man of his word and it wasn't like I was going to throw myself down in front of the road. He was kind of fact-finding. He's going to go back home and speak to his wife in San Diego and then we'll figure it out from there."

Childress said he arranged for Tomlinson and Peterson to speak via phone Thursday.

"I really look at it as a guy that if we were fortunate enough to get him you would have a 1 and 1A," he said. "[Tomlinson] understands that dynamic. ... I think there's a tremendous admiration of one toward another. But he can do all the things that he needs to do in this offense. He reminds you of a guy like a Brian Westbrook, who was probably one of the premier guys in terms of moving around the formation as the widest guy in the slot, lined up next to the tackle, as a single back, motioned out of the backfield. And then carrying it out of that 'I', too. That's where he's made most of his money."

Assuming Tomlinson follows his expected timetable, we could be a few days from learning his final destination.