Daily mailbag: Favre's impact on LT

Regular reader/commenter suamico72 is relentless, I can say with some certainty. After reading Monday morning’s Black and Blue post, suamico72 objected to an apparently incomplete explanation for why LaDainian Tomlinson spurned Minnesota and signed with the New York Jets.




TomlinsonI noted Tomlinson will play a larger role in the Jets’ offense, but suamico72 added: “AND because he wanted a ‘stable’ quarterback situation, WHY do you refuse to report on this Kevin? it was the FIRST thing LT referred to when asked! your colleagues refer to it, WHY NOT YOU? Are the espnanites not letting you say anything negative towards prince favre?”

I’ll admit there is no certainty that Brett Favre will play this season. Further, I probably won’t consider the Vikings a first-tier Super Bowl contender if he retires and leaves Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels to compete for the job. But it’s my somewhat informed take that Favre’s status was at best a deeply secondary factor in Tomlinson’s decision.

As we discussed Sunday, Tomlinson’s role would have been far more limited in Minnesota than it will be with the Jets. That would have been the case whether Favre played or not. Tomlinson left San Diego believing he could offer more to a winning team than the Chargers were asking. I believe he recognized he has a far better chance of doing that in New York than in Minnesota.

History tells us Favre will commit to playing at some point this summer. The Vikings’ apparent lack of urgency to craft a contingency plan suggests they believe the same thing. I think Tomlinson left Minnesota knowing there was an awfully strong chance Favre will play, even if he could be given no guarantees.

Suggesting that Tomlinson signed with the Jets because of Favre’s uncertainty is like saying a tree fell because of loose soil around it. The state of said soil might have contributed, but something had to push the darn thing first. (Oh, and Favre = soil in this little metaphor.)