FavreWatch: Neutral with Tomlinson

Ed Werder's report on Brett Favre's involvement in recruiting LaDainian Tomlinson reminds us of one thing above all else: Favre is operating on his own timetable and won't be pressured to speed it up.

According to Werder, the Vikings asked Favre to speak with Tomlinson last week and encourage him to sign with the Vikings. Favre, however, told Tomlinson he had "no clue" whether he would play this season and offered a neutral endorsement via text message.

While the odds remain in favor of Favre eventually agreeing to play, it's hardly surprising that he wouldn't address it with Tomlinson. Favre believes his two retirement announcements -- in 2008 from Green Bay and 2009 from the New York Jets -- were premature decisions forced by organizational timetables. I don't think he wants to make what he views as a mistake again, and he wasn't going to tell Tomlinson anything different than what he said earlier this month on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:" That he isn't close to making a decision.

Favre knows the Vikings have no choice but to wait on him. Coach Brad Childress is already on record saying that Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels will compete for the starting job if Favre retires.

It's quite possible Tomlinson was less than fully satisfied by Favre's response, but I still think it was at best a secondary factor in his decision to sign with the Jets. As we discussed Monday, Tomlinson should get more opportunities to carry the ball in the Jets' offense. There's nothing Favre could do about that, one way or the other.