Catching up with the Williams Wall

Free-agent news largely overshadowed the Williams Wall trial last week in Hennepin County District Court. My sense is that most of you have taken a "wake-me-up-when-it's-over" approach to the entire story, and so I'm not spending much time hashing through the legal twists and turns.

But if you want to know a basic timetable, you should be aware that Judge Gary Larson has set an April 2 deadline for attorneys to file post-trial briefs. Larson then pledged to decide the case within 45 days from that point, meaning he will render a verdict by mid-May.

That announcement isn't expected to be the end of this story, however. It's doubtful we'll know anything definitive at that point as to whether Minnesota will lose defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams for four games in 2010. Given what is at stake, it's fair to expect an appeal for the losing side.

Even Larson noted during the trial that part of each attorney's approach was to build a record for the appeals process. For a summary of what each side argued, check out Brian Murphy's wrap-up in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.