Vikings undecided on OT rule

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The NFL's looming debate on overtime rules has been associated most frequently with Minnesota, which lost the NFC Championship Game on New Orleans' first-possession field goal earlier this year.

The proposed rule change would have given the Vikings an overtime possession after Garrett Hartley's 40-yard field goal; if enacted, teams would have to score a touchdown in order to win on the opening possession of overtime. But as of Sunday evening, it wasn't clear if even the Vikings were in favor of the rule.

Coach Brad Childress said team officials are still discussing their vote. The final decision will be made by owner Zygi Wilf. Childress seemed ambivalent about it.

"Part of me doesn't want to screw around with what's been [the practice]," Childress said. "And part of me says, let's give it a swing."

Childress returned two days ago from a trip to Rome, where he spent three days visiting a Catholic seminary. He called the opportunity an "epiphany" and said: "I don't know if I would say it was life changing, but that's because I wouldn't know what to compare it to."