Black and Blue all over: Bears and OT

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Chicago was one of 28 NFL teams to vote in favor of Tuesday's overtime rules change, but before the vote, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune presented some compelling Bears-related evidence for maintaining the status quo.

Biggs noted the Bears are 11-3 in the past 10 seasons in overtime, including 8-1 under coach Lovie Smith. They are 4-1 in games ending with a field goal on the first possession of overtime over the past 10 years, and place-kicker Robbie Gould is the third-most accurate kicker in NFL history.

Tuesday was a more pressured environment than I've seen at an owners meeting in quite some time. There were some important and powerful people who really, really wanted this measure to pass.

I'll be spending some time with NFC coaches here Wednesday morning on the final day of the meetings. I'll be back with you mid-morning. For now, let's take a quick spin around the division: