Black and Blue all over: Clausen's role

Tom Kowalski of Mlive.com makes an important point about the impact of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen on Detroit's draft status.

No, the Lions aren't interested in drafting Clausen a year after selecting Matthew Stafford at No. 1 overall. But Clausen represents the Lions' best chance to trade down out of the No. 2 overall pick, allowing them to accumulate additional picks to re-stock their roster.

It would be much more likely for a team to trade up for a quarterback than it would be for any of the elite defensive tackles that will be available at No. 2 overall. That's the nature of the game. So it's in the Lions' best interest to hope that at least one team -- Washington? Seattle? Cleveland? -- falls in love with Clausen and decides it can't leave the draft without him. With St. Louis apparently poised to select Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, the Lions' No. 2 overall pick is the first place to guarantee Clausen's availability.

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