ChatWrap: Clark's future in Chicago

We've been discussing the future of Chicago tight end Greg Olsen since the Bears hired new offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who hasn't utilized the position in the passing game during his career. But what if the team is actually targeting a different veteran tight end for a ticket out of town?

That was one of several topics we touched on during Tuesday's SportsNation chat. As ESPNChicago.com's Jeff Dickerson reported, veteran Desmond Clark didn't report Monday for offseason conditioning after working out with the team last week.

Attendance in the offseason program isn't always a big deal, but in this case there is some circumstantial evidence building that Clark might not be with the Bears in 2010.

He is entering the final year of his contract and will turn 33 later this month. Second, the Bears will pay free agent Brandon Manumaleuna $6.1 million this season. There is no way he won't be ahead of Clark on the depth chart.

So if the Bears keep three tight ends, Clark would be competing with Kellen Davis for the No. 3 position behind Olsen and Manumaleuna. We could probably all agree that Clark is a more accomplished player than Davis, but that's not always how the NFL works.

Davis turns 25 in October. Given the choice, many teams will choose a 25-year-old backup over a 33-year-old backup. It isn't necessarily fair and might not be the right move. But it's fair to keep an eye on the situation moving forward.