Bears: Clark, safety updates

Here are two Chicago-related nuggets on a newsier-than-expected Wednesday:

Tight end Desmond Clark, whose future with the team has been in question this spring, returned to the Bears' offseason program this week. ESPNChicago.com's Jeff Dickerson has the full story. It appears Clark will seek some clarity about his role in the offense via a meeting with new offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

In an interview with the Bears' Web site, general manager Jerry Angelo admitted he pursued an unnamed veteran safety this offseason but ultimately "we just didn't feel the timing was right." At this point, I wouldn't hazard a guess as to whom Angelo is referring to.

As for the safety position in general, considered one of the team's weakest spots, Angelo said: "Right now we would be comfortable starting with the present cast of players at the position. Certainly it's a much talked about position. ... Again, you're not going to field a Pro Bowler at every position, and you don't have to. The players that we presently have we feel good about. But we always want to create competition and better depth."

I can only assume that's Angelo's way of talking around a huge draft priority during the NFL's misinformation season.