Gruden's 'QB Camp': Awesome TV

Hopefully you took Thursday's suggestion to catch Jon Gruden's "QB Camp." I thought it really gave viewers an inside look at how NFL coaches evaluate quarterbacks, and Gruden deserves credit for attacking some of negatives pertaining to each player.

It seems unlikely that Oklahoma's Sam Bradford will enter the NFC North this season, but we've discussed the possibilities for Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, Texas' Colt McCoy and Florida's Tim Tebow. So in case you missed the show Thursday night, below I’ve embedded a clip of Gruden's particularly entertaining interview with McCoy. Here are links to the video for Clausen and Tebow.

Clausen, McCoy and Tebow all seem a bit nervous at first, reactions that reveal them for what they are: college kids on an extended job interview. Gruden hammers McCoy on his Texas accent, puts Tebow through a drill designed to test his release speed and chastises Clausen after he sells out a receiver for busting a play.

Enjoy. I sure did.