B & B all over: Draft week begins

We're gearing up for the wildest of wild weeks here in the NFC North and throughout the ESPN.com NFL Blog Network. It all started off a few minutes ago when we revealed our much-discussed, heavily-lamented 2010 first-round mock draft. I chose for each of the three NFC North teams with a first-round pick.

Everyone attaches their own significance to such exercises. Foremost, I think they should be fun. After that, they should be fun. Did I mention they should be fun? After that, they can be a starting point for further discussion. I'll ask you in advance: Let's not get bent out of shape. I'll be back afterward to discuss my picks.

We've also changed the SportsNation chat schedule for the week. Instead of chatting Tuesday, I'll be part of a day-long draft block. At least my time period hasn't changed: We'll pick up NFC North topics at 1 p.m. ET. I'll post one more reminder shortly before it starts. See you there.

Let's catch up on weekend coverage around the division: