Have at It: Faulty assumptions

Midway through Tuesday's SportsNation chat, T.R. of Madison offered a smart "Have at It" topic to spice up our postdraft doldrums:

For each team, what is the Most Dangerous Assumption heading into 2010? For example, in 2009, everyone assumed Matt Forte's rookie season meant a strong sophomore season. Really, was anyone questioning this before the season started? And the Bears' lack of a strong running game really hurt them last season. Can you think of any Most Dangerous Assumptions for 2010? How about -- Clay Matthews: will be as effective this year as he was last year? He was a surprise last year, and teams may game plan for him this year.

This suggestion hits on something we rarely acknowledge: That last year's production should never be considered a given. Nothing is static. The only thing we're guaranteed of is change. We all routinely overlook these looming changes and then retroactively search for the clues we missed.

Normally I offer "either-or" Have at It questions to keep the conversation focused, but I think this one is too good to pass up. So in the comments section below, give me an NFC North assumption that we should be questioning. (An obvious example: That Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre will have a season similar to 2009, which was one of the best of his career -- assuming he doesn't retire, of course.)

I'll review your submissions and publish a representative sample, along with my own take, by the end of the week. Have at It.