Pacman: 'I'm focused as a person'

It doesn’t appear Detroit has decided whether it wants to take on the risk-reward aspect inherent in signing Adam “Pacman” Jones. But if the Lions’ interest moves to an actionable level, Jones said Wednesday, the risk would be minimal.

Jones told Nicholas J. Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press that his off-field troubles are behind him. He said he texted coach Jim Schwartz this week to remind him he is available and said the two have a “good relationship” dating back to their years at Tennessee.

“My whole message is, I know about my past,” Jones said. “I’m not really here to talk about my past. I’ve made some dumb decisions in the past, but I’ve grown from that. I’m focused as a person. You ain’t got to worry about no phone calls at 3, 4 in the morning. I’m here to play football. That’s what I really would stress to him.”

Cotsonika suggests the Lions won’t consider signing Jones until after this weekend’s rookie minicamp. Stay tuned.