Profile: Caleb Campbell

If you haven't already, make sure you check out Jeff Miller's ESPN.com profile of once-and-future Detroit linebacker Caleb Campbell, the former Army star who has signed with the Lions after receiving an early release from his active military commitment. An excerpt:

It's possible no one has ever been more excited at the prospect of joining the Michigan National Guard. That's where Campbell could be assigned as part of his special arrangements. In exchange for delaying the last three years of active duty, Campbell probably will face a longer term of military service -- possibly as a recruiter -- and also be forced to make some financial reparation.

"They're using me as a guinea pig, and I don't mind that if it makes it smoother for the athletes that come after me," he said. "I hope it does. I don't wish for anyone to go through this process of up and down, up and down. 'Am I going?' It's a great policy."