McCown would be 'comfortable' in CHI

Free agent quarterback Josh McCown's name has been circulating as one of a handful of candidates for Chicago to sign if offensive coordinator Mike Martz is serious about his desire for a veteran backup, as it appeared Sunday during rookie minicamp. (Another name is former St. Louis quarterback Marc Bulger, who like McCown has a history with Martz.)

McCown told ESPNChicago.com that he would feel "comfortable" coming to Chicago and backing up starter Jay Cutler.

McCown: "I understand right now there's not anybody beating down my door to be a starter. So understanding that, where do you go to be in a great situation where you are a backup? For me, in Mike Martz's offense and where I'm at in my career, I feel comfortable with [coming to Chicago]. The fact that Jay is there doesn't affect me at all, and probably gets me more excited because you get to work with a guy that talented, and hopefully help the coaches get the best out of him."

Generally I consider backup quarterback one of the top positions on a team. But it's probably a rung below in Chicago, which has a rock-solid starter in Cutler who hasn't missed a start in three years as a full-time NFL player.

My sense is that NFL teams aren't beating down McCown's door, and therefore the only urgency the Bears have to act is if they want him involved in early spring practices. You wonder if Martz will wait until after the Bears' full veteran minicamp (May 21-23) before making any final determinations.