Don't hold your breath on Williams Wall

Although we are expecting to get a ruling Thursday on the latest version of the Williams Wall trial, it doesn't appear we're close to a conclusion of this 18-month affair.

As always, Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has the details. Hennepin County judge Gary Larson is expected to rule on whether the NFL violated state laws in suspending Minnesota defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams after they tested positive for a banned diuretic. But at least two obstacles remain before we reach the legal finish line.

  1. It's highly likely that the loser of Thursday's ruling will appeal in the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

  2. The NFL has until May 13 to appeal the original decision to send Larson the case. That appeal, if filed, would be to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It's impossible to predict a timetable here. But we'll get there. Someday.