How I See It: NFC North Stock Watch


Minnesota’s bottom line: Vikings officials told state legislators that the team is losing money during testimony for their stadium bill. Many roll their eyes at a statement like that, especially when financial books are closed. But I can tell you this: Owner Zygi Wilf and his investment partners have funneled at least $50 million in personal cash into the team’s coffers in order to pay its bills since buying the team in 2005. From a practical sense, if not accounting rules, that adds up to a negative cash position to me. But the imminent demise of this year’s stadium effort means at least one more year of deficit spending to run the team.


Character in Detroit’s locker room: Cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones appears on the verge of signing with Cincinnati, a development that by default should help the Lions. Yes, you read that correctly. Although Jones would no doubt be the most-talented cornerback on the Lions’ roster, he would also be the least reliable. I understand the allure of bringing him in to bridge the rebuilding process, but the Lions would have been counting on a player who has never answered the bell consistently in his NFL career. Lions coach Jim Schwartz had a front-row seat to Jones’ act in Tennessee, and to anyone’s knowledge, the Lions didn’t pursue Jones beyond attending a workout in New Orleans. The Lions are better off in the long run looking elsewhere for cornerback help.