Fantasizing the NFC North

We don't talk a ton of fantasy football on this blog, mostly because I couldn't begin to know what to tell you about it. But one guy who can -- ESPN.com guru Christopher Harris -- just released his top 200 fantasy rankings for the 2010 season.

You can view the entire list here. Below are the top-ranked players from each NFC North team:

1. Minnesota tailback Adrian Peterson

14. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers

24. Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson

60. Chicago tailback Matt Forte

Choosing Peterson over Tennessee tailback Chris Johnson was difficult, wrote Harris, and subject to change:

At the top of the board, I'll admit that I'm wavering on Adrian Peterson over Chris Johnson. One bone of contention I've had for the Johnson boosters was the presence of LenDale White and, well, that presence is no more. So while I've been assuming a boost for AP because of Chester Taylor's departure, it would be unfair not to upgrade CJ2K if his leading backup is going to be Javon Ringer or LeGarrette Blount. For the moment, though, I'm still going with the behemoth over the water bug. But I'll be writing a piece about Johnson later this spring with an open mind, and will perhaps convince myself otherwise then.