NFL trying to clear Williams Wall slate

FROM A BRISTOL CUBICLE DURING A BREAK IN HIGH-LEVEL MEETINGS -- Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday. Just checking in to make sure you saw the latest chapter of the Williams Wall legal saga.

As always, Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press explains it better than I could. Essentially, the NFL is appealing an earlier decision to send the case to Minnesota state court. The league ultimately prevailed over Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams in the trial. But sending the case to state court in the first place was a precedent the league wants reversed.

The appeal would be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting to hear if the players will be granted a temporary injunction to hold their four-game suspensions at bay while they appeal their loss in state court.

Confused? Don't worry. As we've noted before, many stages of legal maneuvering remain before this case concludes.