UFL: Daunte Culpepper's final chance?

I think it's fair to say that Daunte Culpepper has found the starting job he has spent years searching for. As ESPN's Adam Schefter reports, Culpepper will jump to the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League to play for his first NFL coach and former college coach.

Formerly known as the California Redwoods, the Mountain Lions are coached by ex-Minnesota Vikings coach Dennis Green. Their offensive coordinator is Mike Kruczek, Culpepper's coach at Central Florida.

In theory, Culpepper will be in shape and ready to help a needy NFL team around midseason. In reality, this decision illustrates the NFL's tepid interest in a quarterback who is now six years removed from his last effective season. Given a choice between waiting for his phone to ring and getting back on the field, at any level, Culpepper admirably chose the latter.

I'm not going to go overboard about a 33-year-old quarterback signing with what amounts to a minor league. But if nothing else, Culpepper has put himself in a comfortable environment. He's given himself a chance to have a chance.