BBAO: Turnovers in Mike Martz's scheme

We're Black and Blue All Over:

I hope everyone had an outstanding summer weekend. Although, I don't know if we can call this "summer" yet -- at least not in the Upper Midwest. As I type this sentence, it's an invigorating 53 degrees outside. That's the June payoff we get for dealing with sub-zero temperatures in the winter.

I thought Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune had one of more interesting stories of the weekend, taking a detailed look at how Mike Martz's traditionally high-turnover scheme will impact the Chicago Bears' Tampa 2 defense. (Martz's teams have averaged 38 giveaways per season.)

From a philosophical standpoint, Pompei suggests the two schemes are a good fit.

What the Bears have going for them is a defensive system that is compatible with Martz's offensive system. The Martz offense is built to strike quickly. The defense is built to play with a lead -- to rush the passer, make big plays and create opportunities for the team's offense. So in theory, at least, what we should see is an offense that builds early leads and then allows the defense to put away opponents.

Sounds about right to me -- in theory.

Continuing to catch up around the NFC North: