ChatWrap: On rookies and Russell

We had a blast during Tuesday afternoon's SportsNation chat -- talking up our post-LOST television habits, remembering there are Bears in California as well as Chicago and wondering if free-agent quarterback JaMarcus Russell could end up in the NFC North.

(On the latter point: I regard the Russell question the same way as I did Tim Tebow earlier this spring. Russell could do a lot worse than end up with one of the elite quarterback teachers we have in this division, from Kevin Rogers in Minnesota to Mike McCarthy/Tom Clements in Green Bay to Scott Linehan in Detroit.)

Andy of Green Bay offered up a question that might provide some grist to chew on. Here was the exchange:

Andy (GB)

which non-first round NFCN draft picks do you think have the best chance of either starting or making some immediate impact?

Kevin Seifert (2:38 PM)

Morgan Burnett in Green Bay. Toby Gerhart in Minnesota. Amari Spievey in Detroit. Major Wright in Chicago.

As always in our chats, those answers represented my fast-twitch gut answers. Stranger things have happened, but by the end of the season, I could see Burnett, Spievey and Wright in full-time starting roles. We've discussed Burnett's looming competition with incumbent Atari Bigby. Spievey will get consideration by process of elimination on the Lions' thin depth chart, and the Bears are so eager to elevate at safety that it will take an absolute flop for Wright not to get on the field.