Childress on Peterson: 'The work is here'

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Just wrapped up the first day of the Minnesota Vikings' veteran minicamp. From the top, let's just say coach Brad Childress is not on board with tailback Adrian Peterson's decision to skip the weekend to attend a hometown parade in his honor.

Childress opened his post-practice media session by noting this is a "mandatory minicamp." He provided terse answers about Peterson's absence, suggested that discipline will be discussed and mocked the significance of "the fourth annual Adrian Peterson day" in Palestine, Texas.

Childress also made clear that the only Vikings player receiving the "Brett Favre Exception" is Favre himself. His answers were worthy of providing in transcript style, which I've done below. I'll be back shortly with some perspective and a roundup of my other minicamp observations:

Could the parade have been rescheduled so that he could attend this?

Brad Childress: That would probably be a good question for Adrian.

Did you talk to him about that? I mean, you don't usually keep the offseason schedule a secret to players.

BC: Yes, we promulgated that schedule at a very early stage. The work is here. The work is here.

How much did Adrian get done this week when he came in for organized team activities? Was it any kind of substitute for what will take place this weekend?

BC: He got a couple things done. He got a couple doctors appointments. He got out on the field with his 14-pound ball.

Is that really a new drill you guys started to help him with his fumbles?

BC: Part of that comprehensive offseason study.

Are you also working with him on how he carries the ball?

BC: When he's here.

Does it annoy you that he's not here?

BC: I just know that there's a bunch of guys here. This has a term "mandatory" for a reason. The work is here. Period. You can say whatever you want. This is the fourth annual Adrian Peterson day. I don't know if it's going to be every year. But we're going to have this, too. ...

Is this an excused absence?

BC: That's something we'll talk about upstairs here.

Will Adrian miss the entire weekend? Or could he be here Sunday?

BC: I don't think so. My understanding is he won't be here for any of it.

When did he inform you he wouldn't be here?

BC: In my office on Thursday. Maybe Wednesday.

Was that a surprise or did you know it was a possibility?

BC: I think somebody showed me something on a website. I had an inkling. Let's put it that way. I didn't know if he was going to come out here and practice this afternoon, and then catch a late flight. I didn't know how he would.

Is there more to it than a parade?

BC: Not from my standpoint. We were going to be here with the people who were going to be here.

Are you worried that players will start to question the standard you have set for Favre and want to skip camps?

BC: First of all, that's a special circumstance. I don't think Adrian is batting around retirement in his mind. It's a special set of circumstances. Is it special? Is everything equal? Obviously it's not. That's just the way it is. It's a matter of fact. I think everyone understands that from our side.