NFC North: Best and worst hands

Bill Barnwell forwarded an NFC North supplement to this Football Outsiders study of drops over the past two seasons, revealing the information you see in the chart accompanying this post.

Across the league, NFL players dropped 5.7 percent of passes last season and 5.9 percent in 2008. Those figures should give you perspective on what you see in the chart, which shows that Minnesota Vikings receiver Sidney Rice has had the best hands in the division over the past two years while Green Bay Packers tight end Donald Lee has had the worst.

Lee, in fact, has had the highest drop rate of any NFL tight end over the past two seasons and the second-highest among all offensive players. (Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch had the highest overall at 15.4 percent.) It's one of many factors that promise an interesting competition this summer among Packers tight ends -- a group that includes budding star Jermichael Finley, special-teams/red zone ace Spencer Havner and now rookie Andrew Quarless.