Favre to Jets? Mere mention jolts AFC East

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

The idea of Brett Favre slinging footballs for the New York Jets elicited a very distinct reaction this afternoon throughout the AFC East.

Awwww. Please tell me you're kidding.

No, we're not.

As ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported today, the Green Bay Packers have given the Jets permission to speak with Favre. The Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers reportedly want the record-setting quarterback, and the Packers appear ready to trade him.

The Jets went 4-12 last season, struggling to mount any substantial offense with Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens.

Suffice to say, the rest of the AFC East likes its chances against either of those two.

The dynamic would change radically with Favre in green and white.

As one AFC personnel man told me, it's too difficult to predict how Favre would benefit the Jets because his impact would rely on many moving parts. How fast does he learn the system? How quickly does he find chemistry with his receivers? How does he handle new surroundings -- and what certainly will be a relentless media -- after so many years in a homogenous setting?

But one thing opponents can be sure of: Favre's vertical ability would transform the Jets enough to make defensive coordinators squirm. No more touch-and-feel Pennington plays. No more safe calls because of Clemens' inexperience and questionable decisions.

Favre's presence would remove the handcuffs. The card offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer holds on Sunday would look a whole lot different.

But would trading for Favre be a wise choice for the Jets?

The Jets would be making a substantial commitment to a player who can help them win now but won't be a part of their future. They would be asking an awful lot of an aging player -- one who already has retired once, mind you -- and asking him to rally a group of teammates he has never played with.

That might be too much to ask on a team with so many question marks.

The trade might not work, but the mere possibility Favre could join the Jets has created plenty of dread within AFC East offices.

When was the last time a Jets quarterback did that?