Alex Brown rattled at Halas Hall

Former Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown, released earlier this offseason and now with the New Orleans Saints, paid a visit to the team's practice facility Tuesday. According to Brown's Twitter account, it didn't last long.

  1. Alex Brown alexbrown96 Not that I didn't know already but today I learned a very valuable lesson about the NFL and how some teams work.
  2. Alex Brown alexbrown96 To my surprise I was escorted out if the building. I guess I understand it somewhat but damn didn't think I would get kicked out! Who Dat!!

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in the NFL -- even when the player isn't scheduled to face his former team in the upcoming season. (I guess you never know if Brown could end up elsewhere at some point.) I've heard of relatively low-level staffers being escorted out of the building minutes after turning in their resignations. I think it hits players harder than some others because they've been such high-profile employees and are sold on the concept of loyalty and teamwork during their tenures.

Brown found out the hard way that in employer-employee relationships, business always trumps loyalty.

Update: A Bears official told ESPN Chicago the team isn't allowed to host players under contract with another team.

"We love Alex Brown," the team official said. "He's got friends throughout Halas Hall, but league rules don't allow us to host a player under contract at our facility.

"He's one of the great guys. He's one of the top-notch guys who have come through in a long time."