Sweating out Favre's answer? No way

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is scheduled to make a radio appearance Thursday afternoon, during which I imagine he'll be asked about his visit with once-and-likely future quarterback Brett Favre earlier this week.

Based on how the Vikings have managed this offseason, it's only logical to assume Childress and Favre spent their time arranging Favre's mid-August return to Minnesota. Quite simply, there can be no way the Vikings passed on all available quarterbacks this offseason without knowing Favre's intentions. There is no way they're a week away from training camp with legitimate doubt about their starting quarterback.

Is there?

Perhaps Childress will offer some insight today. As we've noted many times, the Vikings' offseason approach has always been the best indication that Favre will return. To wit:

  • They sat out trade discussions for quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Jason Campbell, among others.

  • They issued a low tender for Favre's 2009 backup, Tarvaris Jackson, making him available to any NFL team for a third-round draft pick. There were no takers, and the Vikings felt comfortable sticking Jackson with a $1.176 million salary for 2010. That's less than a third of what the Vikings' No. 3 quarterback, Sage Rosenfels, is scheduled to make.

  • Rosenfels, considered expendable if Favre returns, was a spectator during much of the Vikings' mandatory minicamp while coaches evaluated possible replacements.

I imagine we'll touch on this issue once or twice more before the end of the month.