On honeymoon: Mike Martz and Jay Cutler

One of the more frequent questions I've received since leaving the Chicago Bears' training camp is some variation of this one: Are offensive coordinator Mike Martz and quarterback Jay Cutler fighting yet?

It's true, both are proud men who have somewhat cantankerous histories. But I noticed nothing other than intense work going on between the two last weekend, and during a meeting with reporters Wednesday, Martz laughed off the entire subject. I guess if there were ever going to be a happy-happy, joy-joy time, it's now.

Martz (via the team's website): "If you knew really, and I don't mean any disrespect, but if you knew how silly that was and how easy things are between he and I. ... I thoroughly enjoy his company, just enjoy being around him outside the football part of it too. He's got a great sense of humor by the way. He's a little screwed up in his sense of humor like I am, so we kind of fit pretty good I think."

Martz also said that receiver Devin Hester has made a seamless transition to his offense. I'll be touching on the balance between Hester's offensive contribution and his special teams legacy this weekend here on the blog.