Profile: Merrill on Brad Childress

If you want to know why Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress has seemed so calm while waiting out the expected arrival of quarterback Brett Favre, make sure you read this profile from ESPN.com's Elizabeth Merrill. An excerpt:

Fans hang along the gates of the Vikings' summer home in Mankato, wearing No. 4 jerseys, wondering whether Favre, who has vacillated on the retirement issue for at least six years and has a balky ankle, will be back for his 20th season.

Childress still doesn't know. So he walks around with two scripts, one with a Hall of Fame quarterback, arguably the most electric player in the history of the game, one without. He stomps out occasional fires. He genuinely believes everything will be OK regardless of what Favre decides.

Crazy? Maybe. But in "Chilly's" world, it isn't. He's a risk taker hidden in a mathematician's body, a psychology major buried behind a pair of glasses and a clipboard.

Sure, Childress is a control freak. What NFL coach isn't? And it has to eat at him that he has no control over this situation.

Childress leans back in his golf cart, puts his arms forward and grins.

"We all want to grab the steering wheel and drive in our life, you know?" he says. "You control what you can control.

"I'm a big God's-will guy. I try to listen for it every day, and I try to do it."