It's official: Shack Harris to Detroit

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
The only mystery remaining about Detroit's pending hire of James "Shack" Harris was his new title. The Lions cleared that up Thursday, announcing Harris' addition as "Senior Personnel Executive." According to a statement released by the team, here is Harris' job description:

He will assist [general manager Martin] Mayhew with the day-to-day management of the player personnel department, and he will assist in the player evaluation process for college and pro talent.

In practical terms, Harris represents a credible set of eyes for an organization that hasn't always overflowed with them. Harris, 61, will add his evaluations and opinions as Mayhew makes decisions about free agency, the draft and roster management.

This hire has been imminent since last month, when Harris' name emerged from a group of candidates under consideration. Harris wasn't a soaring success as Jacksonville's vice president of player personnel from 2003-08, but I think he is a good hire for this type of position.

Mayhew will make the final decisions and administer the Lions' football operations. But he was smart to add an experienced hand to help guide him through the maze of roster-building.