Catching up with Bob Sanders

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
My AFC East colleague Tim Graham caught up recently with former Green Bay defensive coordinator Bob Sanders, who is now Buffalo's defensive line coach. The Packers fired Sanders and most of his staff after last season's 6-10 record and are shifting to a 3-4 scheme with new coordinator Dom Capers.

You wouldn't expect the soft-spoken Sanders to say anything negative about his former employers, and Sanders was pretty conciliatory during his interview. Here are the Packers-related highlights:

On whether he has anything to prove

Bob Sanders: "I've been coaching a long time. We played some good defense in Green Bay. Certainly, it didn't end the way you'd want it to end because our goal is the Lombardi Trophy, and certainly it didn't end like that.

"My goal each and every day is just be the best person that I can be and best coach I can be and best teacher I can be and try to help the Buffalo Bills be as good as they an be, each and every guy. I've been at it a long time, and hopefully what I do is not who I am, but who I am affects what I do.

"So certainly I don't feel like I have anything to prove other than I want to be loyal to Dick [Jauron, the Bills' head coach] and to Perry [Fewell, defensive coordinator] and to the Buffalo Bills and reach our maximum potential and hopefully win that Lombardi Trophy. I don't really spend a lot of time trying to prove something to somebody because I have enough to say grace over."

His thoughts about the Packers going to 3-4

Bob Sanders: "I don't really have any to be honest with you. I don't work there anymore, so I really don't have any opinion. My focus has been on the Buffalo Bills. I have enough to say grace over to learn what I'm supposed to and being the best I can be here."

Have you ever been a 3-4 coach?

Bob Sanders: "As a base, no. We'd stem into it. We had some blitzes out of it and some rushes out of it. It was more of a variation for us. Sounds like they may be going to that as a base. Most of those 3-4 teams have a 4-3 as a variation."