Angelo: Collins 'can win the backup job'

In case there was any doubt, Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo has made clear that veteran quarterback Todd Collins has the inside track to be the team's backup quarterback in 2010. I don't know what that means for the injured Caleb Hanie, who is expected to have recovered from a shoulder injury by next month, but it sure doesn't sound good for rookie Dan LeFevour. Regardless, Angelo left little doubt about the team's hoped-for pecking order during an interview with the team's website.

Angelo: "We told [Collins] that if he comes in and shows he can still play -- all veterans have to show us they can play -- that he can win the backup job for the season. With that being said, however, nothing is set in stone. Caleb hurt his shoulder, so we’ll have to wait and see. But he’s responding well. We’ll monitor Dan [LeFevour] and watch where he’s at too. The players are ultimately the ones who determine how the depth chart stacks up. It’s all about how they compete and how they perform on the practice field and in games."

I think Hanie had the job won before his injury, and the Bears initially hoped to skate by until he recovered. But after starter Jay Cutler was sacked five times in the first half last Saturday by the Oakland Raiders, and LeFevour struggled in limited duty, the Bears got understandably nervous. Waiting on Hanie to recover no longer seemed remotely safe, and now it's possible his entire season has been redirected as a result.