Three questions with Aaron Curry

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
INDIANAPOLIS -- Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry was scheduled to have a personal meeting Saturday with Detroit, but previously scheduled medical tests required the Lions meeting to be moved to Sunday.

Regardless, Curry is a dark horse candidate for the No. 1 overall pick. Coach Jim Schwartz spoke glowingly of his abilities recently, and the Butkus Award winner seems ready to make an immediate impact on some NFL team in 2009.

What would you think if the Lions drafted you No. 1 overall?

Aaron Curry: As far as Detroit at No. 1, it would be a dream come true. But that decision is a decision that's not going to be made by myself. If I could pick, sure I would go No. 1 overall. It'd just be a great feeling to go out to Detroit and playing alongside with Ernie Sims would be amazing being that I watched him play in the ACC as a freshman and always admired how he played.

Talk about being what people call the safest pick in the draft. What does that mean to you?

AC: The safe pick means that I can come in instantly and make an impact on anybody's defense. And [also] my versatility as a linebacker to be able to play the 3-4 inside or outside, and the 4-3 inside or outside. It's like you just can't go wrong.

You're versatile, but would position would you want to play if you could choose?

AC: I just want to play linebacker. The funnest position would be the 'Will' in the 4-3. You look at [Chicago's] Lance Briggs, and you realize how much fun you have at the 'Will.'

While we're having so much fun with "Three questions," let's add three Curry-related questions posed this week to Schwartz.

What do you think about Aaron Curry?

Jim Schwartz: I actually just looked at him before we came here [to interviews]. He looks like he's big, strong and athletic. You could probably find a lot of places for him.

Do you see him as more of a 4-3, strong side linebacker?

JS: He plays 'Sam,' but it was interesting at Wake. He played an on-the-ball 'Sam' linebacker, which not a lot of people play anymore. You have to be really strong. But they also put him out in space ... almost like a nickel back. Those are two almost mutually exclusive skill sets.

Do you think outside linebacker has enough value to be a No. 1 overall draft pick?

JS: They have in the past. But it's probably way too early to talk about that.